This is a very personal blog, my online diary.

So yesterday, it was Marvin’s birthday and our friends from sophomore high were invited. May wasn’t able to make it again. She said she’s got a job and Saturday is her only day off. When we would ask her about her job, she wouldn’t tell us so we would always joke about how she might be a prostitute now or a drug dealer or something. Lol. Paula, on the other hand, wasn’t able to make it this time. She said she’s got stuffs to do with her mom. And I asked Marvin if Carl could tag along and he said yes. They don’t know each other personally, but I got the feeling that they would get along plus Marvin’s place is only a few minutes away from Carl’s.

It was kinda boring at first. We just sat in the living room and watched Star Movies and then we ate. After eating, we took some pictures and most of them immediately left. They only stayed for two hours. They just like ate and ran. But Lito, Carl and I decided to stay a bit longer. We even begged Joe to stay, but he said that he really had to go ‘cause he just sneaked out again. So there were only the four of us left. We went inside Marvin’s room and he showed us some cute boys from his college on Facebook. The first one he showed us was this guy named JM. Lito and Carl actually know him from Tumblr. They said that he’s a really good photographer and that a lot of girls have a crush on him. He’s cute and he seems nice. He’s actually already 20 years old, but he looks like a 15-year old boy. They were all crazy about him, but I dunno he’s not really my type. 

Then he showed us this guy named Alden. And he’s really cute. He kinda looks like Dino Imperial and his smile is really nice. But he’s kinda vain ‘cause he takes a lot of pictures of himself and I got this theory that guys who are vain are either gay or kinda gay. But whatever, viewing his profile was only for entertainment purposes anyway. After that, we took pictures again. Then Marvin’s mom invited us for dinner. While eating, we talked about a lot of things. Lito and Carl even said that they think Elle isn’t a virgin anymore because of the way she walks. They said that her legs were too far apart and she didn’t use to walk like that. And Marvin even knew about the “John Michael+Ali’s Dad” issue. Lol. That was very scandalous, actually, and he said that his mouth even hung open when he found out about it.

After that, we left and Carl got a haircut. Lito and I wanted to go home already, but Carl insisted that Lito and I should come to his place so that Lito could help him with his homework in his accounting subject. So we agreed. They finished it in an hour or so. Then we said our good byes and took off. I got home pretty late and I was glad my parents didn’t make such a big deal about it. I watched some TV and then I uploaded the photos on Facebook. And I immediately went to bed.